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Our Mission

Mercy Street is a "low to the ground" mission - serving those in the community who are often overlooked or missed in a standard church model. We work directly with those most at risk in our community - those living on the streets, or who have recently been housed...our goal is to provide simple services that can help people achieve the necessary stability to prevent them from returning to the streets. Things such as temporary housing assistance, laundry assistance, showers, meals, transportation and mediation services that are normally not considered a "service" - such as, going to the bank as "moral support", helping with college applications, Financial aid issues, or other types of organizational communication. We also seek to help "connect the dots" of informal support services and missions that operate within the Reading area.  We are constantly learning new ways to do the work of Christ in our community - there is something you can do to help someone every day in Reading if you just go there and look around!


Currently - we hold worship services and do  mission work in 2 locations in Reading.  Sunday evening service is at 125 S. 4th Street, Reading PA - followed by refreshments and fellowship.  

Our second location is 50 N. 9th Street - in the common room of the Skyline View Senior Citizen apartment high rise building - we hold church service at 6pm on Wednesdays, followed by a community meal and potluck. 


***Next community dinner -  Wednesday Sept 5, 2018 - at 50 N. 9th Street, in the common room of Skyline View Senior apartments***

Church at 6pm, Dinner at 6:45-7:00

See the calendar for any updates and other activities  

Pastor Lahoma Howard

I was born in Reading, PA, and have a deep love for the city and her people. I was raised as an Episcopalian, and this tradition serves as the foundation for my theological viewpoints and liturgical style. In addition to being an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church - a non-denominational church,  I am currently nearing the end of my PhD degree in Sociology (I am "all but dissertation"). I have been teaching sociology courses at Colorado State University since 2012, and have taught and mentored well over 1000 students in this time.  As a sociologist - most of what I teach falls firmly within the realm of the Gospel teachings of Jesus regarding the poor and oppressed, and this experience as a university instructor also serves as a foundation for the way I conduct church. 

How can you get involved?

So - you want to get involved? Great!

Mercy Streets Fellowship is an inclusive church ALL are welcome to attend services, and to receive communion at the Lord's Table, regardless of where you find yourself in your life's journey.  You do not need to attend the church service to partake of the meal and refreshments afterwards.  

Volunteers for Meal preparations, transportation, laundry help, and more are needed - please email Pastor Lahoma at if you want to get involved with these ministries!

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